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Hervey Bay attractions 

Hervey Bay Tourism Information

Hervey Bay hotels

Hervey Bay Ambulance
For an emergency dial 000 and for non emergencies call 131 233.

Hervey Bay Banks
Banks are located all across Hervey Bay and near most accommodation. All major credit cards are accepted in nearly all establishments. From Monday to Thursday they operate from 9.30am until 4pm and Friday close at 5pm. Hervey Bay Banks are closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Hervey Bay Churches
All denominations are found.

Hervey Bay Climate
Harvey Bay has a hot and humid climate. Summers can be very warm, reaching over 30 degrees Celsius, with high humidity. Staying cool can be a problem in Summer, but most places are air conditioned and there is plenty of water to cool off in. Winters are very pleasant and usually dry and sunny however, night time temperatures can get quite low in winter.

Hervey Bay Dogs
Dogs are very welcome on the Hervey Bay but there are some rules about where they can go.

Hervey Bay Fire Service
For emergencies call 000 and for non emergencies call 131 114.

Hervey Bay Health
Hervey Bay is a healthy place, just watch out for the sun and remember to apply plenty of strong factor sun screen. The Hervey Bay has a high standard of health and hygiene and it is unlikely that you will face any problems. The water is safe to drink but bottled water is very popular in Australia and you should drink a lot of water. The greatest danger is the sun and slip on a shirt, slap on sunscreen, and slop on a hat.

Hervey Bay Hospital is located at the corner of Nissan street and Urraween Road, Pialba (07 4120 6666).

Hervey Bay Police
Crime is not a serious problem, however with such a large number of visitors, incidents do occur including theft . For emergencies dial 000.
Hervey Bay Police Station, 142 Torquay Road (07 4123 8111).
Urangun Police Beat, 46 Merlin Street (07 4125 5602).
Maryborough Police Station, Lennox Street (07 4123 8111).

Public Holidays
Everything closes on Christmas Day. Some of the other public holidays are New Years Day; Boxing Day; Australia Day (26 January); Good Friday; Easter Sunday; Easter Monday; Anzac Day (25 April); Queen's Birthday (12 June).

Hervey Bay Safety
Beaches can be dangerous and every year there are incidents involving visitors to Australia . Swim between the red and yellow flags at all times and observe the signs on the beach. If you see a red flag do not enter the water, if you see a yellow flag swim with caution. Ask the lifeguards on duty for information.

Beach safety hints:

1. Always swim at beaches that are patrolled by lifesavers
2. Always swim between the red and yellow flags
3. Always obey all warning signs displayed on the beach
4. Do not swim when the beach is closed
5. Do not swim if you are unsure of conditions
6. Do not swim alone if inexperienced in surf conditions
7. Do not swim whilst under the influence of alcohol
8. Do not panic if caught in a current stay calm raise your arm and wait until help arrives
9. Do not struggle against a rip swim diagonally across it.

Crime is not a major problem but like any big city with lots of tourism take care and leave valuables in the hotel safe.

Hervey Bay Telephone
The code for Queensland is 07 but leave off the zero if calling from outside. The country code for Australia is 61.

Hervey Bay Tide Times
Just choose Hervey Bay Seaway from the drop down box or if you need for other ports in Queensland just choose that port. Please click here for Hervey Bay Tide times and choose Urangan from the drop down menu.

Harvey Bay Tourist Information
Tourism Hervey Bay. Open daily from 9am-5pm, Corner Hervey Bay-Maryborough and Urraween Roads,Hervey Bay (1800 811 728).
Airport Visitor Tourist Information
Open daily prior to flight arrivals, Hervey Bay Airport (1800 811 728).

Hervey Bay Tourist seasons
The high season is the Christmas period until the third week in January and the Easter school holidays. The low season is after the Easter holidays until mid September and the shoulder season from mid January until Easter. The low season is becoming an increasingly popular time to come as the days are sunny, the climate very pleasant with just a chill in the evening, and still possible to swim all year.

Water is safe to drink from the taps.

Hervey Bay Weather
For the latest Hervey Bay weather click here.


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