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Hervey Bay attractions 

Fraser Island

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Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world and a World Heritage Site. The original name for Fraser Island is 'K'Gari' meaning paradise.

Fraser Island is approximately 125 kilometres from north to south. Airborne nutrients and seeds have accumulated until vegetation could gain a hold, and then the decaying vegetable matter has allowed other plants and trees to grow, and forests have sprung up. Not all of Fraser Island is covered with vegetation some is composed of shifting dunes. There are no surfaced roads on Fraser Island . The beach acts as the main north south highway, with tracks crossing the island. A four-wheel-drive is a necessity.

Basin Lake
Basin Lake has slightly acidic waters which support seven species of frog, freshwater turtles and the Australian grebe.

Central Station
Originally a forestry township with a short boardwalk to Wanggoolba Creek. Central Station has camping facilities and an Information Centre.

Eli Creek
The largest freshwater creek and fun to float down.

Aussie Trax 4 x 4 Rental, 56 Boat Harbour Drive, Pialba
Aussie Trax is a family owned & operated business, Hervey Bay's largest and leading 4WD operator for Fraser Island self drive tours.  Head office is based in Hervey Bay but we also have a office on Fraser Island at Kingfisher Bay Resort.  We run a fleet of over 50 4WD vehicles that suit any number of people on any budget.  For more information and bookings click here.

Lake Mckenzie
The largest lake on Fraser Island and has a camp site here.

Lake Wabby
Deepest of Fraser Island lakes.

Lake Allom
A small lake with tortoises.

The Cathedrals
Towering cliffs of multicoloured sands eroded by the wind.

The Champagne Pools at Middle Rocks
Rock pools with bubbling seawater and good for swimming at low tide.

Maheno Wreck
The Maheno lies buried in sand north of happy valley

Mt Boomanjin
Mt. Boomanjin at 211 metres the highest point in this part of the island with Lake Boomanjin at the bottom.

Reaching Fraser Island
Access is by ferry ('barge'), or by a short flight which lands on the beach of the island at low tide. From Urangan, the harbour at the eastern point of the bay one barge goes. to Moon Point. There is nothing on the shore at this point. There is just a beach and a track leading inland, so unless you have transport, you are now stuck there until the next barge service comes along. The other service from Urangan goes to Kingfisher Bay, where there is a resort built. There are further ferry services from River Heads, but the problem here is that River Heads is fourteen kilometres south of Fraser Island and there is no public transport available.

There are many day tours and accommodation is available on Fraser Island. Camping on Fraser Island is permitted, but there are some restrictions. In the interior of the island, camping is allowed only at established camp grounds, of which there are several. On the beaches, camping is permitted, but not within 50 metres of a waterway.


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